The Nerve Injury Clinic
The Nerve Injury Clinic

The Nerve Injury Clinic

Suite B4

Building 2

Crossford Court

Dane Road



M33 7BZ

Phone: 0161 973 7273


Mobile: 07940 950 390


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About The Nerve Injury Clinic

The Nerve Injury Clinic is an independent practice specialising in the assessment and treatment of peripheral nerve injuries.


Typical First Appointment

In a first appointment we will talk to you about your problem, physically assess you and carry out specialised tests. We offer a unique service whereby we can assess the viability, level of damage and function of the damaged nerves by using Surface Electromyography (SEMG). This is a painless test involving no needles, which is carried out during the appointment and the results are available immediately.It is a way of looking inside the damaged area. A thorough physiotherapy assessment and SEMG testing will guide us to the best course of treatment for you. SEMG is repeated at various times during the rehabilitation process to help progress your treatment.



The treatment of nerve injuries involves:

  • Manual physiotherapy techniques where muscles are gently manipulated and facilitated to work more effectively and efficiently
  • Exercise to strengthen weak muscles and gain better movement
  • Biofeedback using a computer system to re-educate normal, balanced movement
  • Trophic electrical stimulation. This is a treatment carried out daily by the patient at home. A very gentle electrical current is applied to the weak muscles with the aim of improving the health of these muscles. Often, as the muscle condition improves, the nerve function improves too. Patients can hire or buy a trophic stimulator from a local supplier. Patients will be shown how to apply and use the stimulator during their appointment at The Nerve Injury Clinic.
  • Advice upon coping with the day to day difficulties of living with a nerve injury and referral on to other health care professionals when appropriate, eg, orthotist for foot drop splints.




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